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Saving our Sons and Daughters

Yoga activity from Saving Our Sons and Daughters event.

About the Program

Saving our Sons and Daughters (SOSAD) is a trauma-informed violence prevention model that can be facilitated in part in an 8-week format or in its entirety, a full school year format for students.

SOSAD engages students in restorative circles weekly with peers in order to explore topics through discussion, therapeutic art, yoga, and meditation.


SOSAD is a holistic and community-based approach that is youth centered. The outcomes of this program are to reduce student conflict, reduce suspension and increase social & emotional wellness. Students can also opt to engage in art therapy to supplement the group work with parental consent. 

Additional Info

SOSAD is made possible by our partnerships with schools and community centers  in the Greater Pittsburgh Area. This program is facilitated within schools and after school programs in order to meet students where they are already showing up everyday. SOSAD also is facilitated at summer camps around the city during summer break. If you are a school administrator, after school program leader, or summer camp director and you would like to bring this program to your students, please reach out and connect!

Our Partners

John Morrow Intermediate, Propel Braddock Hills, Manchester Academic Charter School, Student Achievement Center, Woodland Hills School District, Propel Northside, Healthy Village Learning Institute, Greater Valley Community Center

Want to Partner with Us?

“I am so grateful to Saving Our Sons and Daughters for taking the time to get to know our children and the many complexities their life faces. Children aren’t always comfortable sitting down, talking to a therapist. Your program provides a space for them to express. themselves through various mediums, thank you for your commitment to our children and our neighborhood.”



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