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Cops and Hoops

Police officers and their dog standing next to a group of students as part of Cops and Hoops.

About the Program

Recognizing the need for healing and connection between the community and the police force, especially after working in Braddock with many children affected by the Antwon Rose shooting and other accounts of police brutality, ILS partnered with the Pittsburgh police to create the initiative called Cops & H.O.O.Ps.


Within this program, restorative circles are facilitated engaging police officers and children together. Positive activities are incorporated with the officers to provide them the space to form positive relationships and process the children’s potential fears.

"Infinite Lifestyle Solutions were a lifesaver for me and my family during the pandemic. They provided transportation, social and emotional support by the mental health art therapist, who also met with us for family therapy."

Ms. Annie


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