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Black Women and Girls' Health Expo

Two attendees of the Black Women and Girls' Health Expo with plates of food.

About the Program

The facts are that African American Women are 3-4 times more likely to die without health insurance. Black Women and Girls’ Expo is an annual event and workshop series providing education and action steps to the community in order to address health care disparities that put lives at risk.


Our expo was created with the goal of educating and empowering black girls and women to seek preventative health care (Physical, Mental and Spiritual). At each annual expo and our follow-up workshops happening throughout the year, women and girls have opportunities to get connected to free and low cost health care services and providers.


We invite Black providers from a range of health and wellness areas in the Pittsburgh community to speak from their experience and expertise, share their skills through hands-on engagements with attendees, and connect with the women and girls of our communities who are looking to take control of their wellness.

“The health expo is a wonderful and very informative initiative for me personally and the girls I work with. It was such an eye opener to things we take for granted especially considering our personal well-being as women of color in particular and how the system is designed to distance people of color by stereotyping them when it comes to issues like mental health, family planning, etc. Given a choice, I as a Direct Support Staff would rather support my girls through such participation outings rather than just watching movies or playing Bingo because they can acquire some knowledge.”



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