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Cecelia Ware giving a speech at the Black Women and Girls' Health Expo.

About Us

Our Story

Infinite Lifestyle Solutions (ILS) is a nonprofit organization founded by Cecelia Ware. We provide violence prevention, intervention, and trauma healing services through restorative practices and art therapy.


Cecelia’s family was victimized by gun violence her entire life. After her son’s shooting in 2016, she knew she needed to do something different. Instead of living with a victim's mentality, she leaned into her faith and led with a victorious mindset. To help her cope with the gun violence that impacted her family’s life, she decided to help others and created ILS and her restorative violence prevention and intervention program, Saving Our Sons And Daughters.


Since the inception of the organization, ILS has grown and continues to expand. ILS now has a collection of programs that serves the community as a whole and aims to build a village for survivors and families impacted by gun violence and trauma. With the overall goal of healing and spreading creative and holistic methods of healing to the community, ILS continues to connect with community partners, schools, and individuals and aims to break cycles of violence and provide options on the journey of healing.

We believe every individual impacted by trauma deserves a safe space to heal, resolve conflicts, and thrive.

Our Mission

We strive to serve our youth by creating safe spaces for them and their families to heal after trauma, supporting their educational needs, and teaching them how to resolve conflict and become resilient.

We hope to educate communities on the impact that trauma has on the development of a child’s brain and learning capacity and how it impacts the whole family.


We want our youth and families to heal from violent trauma and provide youth support for their educational needs so they can function in school and not feel ashamed that they learn differently after trauma.

Group photo in from of Teen Support Center mural.
Team hug at Braddock Summer Group.

Our Approach

We teach youth how to heal and then how to resolve conflict, become resilient, and learn how to excel in their education after post-traumatic gun violence and other incidents.


Our Saving Our Sons and Daughters program sets us apart from other agencies. The violence prevention and intervention program facilitates violence prevention restorative circles and healing circles.


We create safe trauma-informed environments in schools, churches, libraries, other programs, and at our main location to facilitate these circles. We support the entire family, not just the child.

Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

We are a small group of individuals who are passionate and committed to the mission of Infinite Lifestyle Solutions. Our staff consists of trained teachers, social workers, behavioral health nurses, and art therapists with over 25 years of combined experience working with youth. Each member brings their own unique background to our group, which gives us a diverse set of strengths to draw upon when developing our programming. There is strength in numbers, so we greatly appreciate the support of our volunteers and community partners, who make it possible to bring healing services to even more students and families.

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