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Community Healing Center

Child holding up a piece of art they made a the Community Healing Center.

About the Program

Our community healing center is located on Perrysville Avenue in the North Side of Pittsburgh and is a calming and safe space for community members of all ages to engage with one another and experience an array of healing opportunities.


Some of these opportunities are restorative yoga classes, art therapy, community art-making nights, Wellness themed Paint and Sips, Healing with Nature workshops, and more.


The goal of our Healing Center is to offer the community a chance to experience first hand what healing and wellness feels like and to offer a range of creative ways to engage in the healing process.

"Infinite Lifestyle Solutions were a lifesaver for me and my family during the pandemic. They provided transportation, social and emotional support by the mental health art therapist, who also met with us for family therapy."

Ms. Annie


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